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HELEN : Open Dubbing Platform

Bright the Blind with your VOICE

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Open Dubbing Platform, Helen
Brighten the blind with your voice.

It has become the era of video clips all over the world.
However people who cannot read subtitles like blindness, the elderly, children and dyslexic patiens are having a hard time accessing and experiencing videos which are in foreign language.
The age of video is creating this new blind spot of knowledge.

Helen is an Open Dubbing Platform which is a solution for those in the blind spot of knowledge
and a medium that will open the horizon of our knowledge.

Helen is

an easy dubbing solution for dubbing your voice on public videos

Helen is

a system allows you to create and distribute dubbed content which is synced with videos
just as TED, YouTube offer closed captioning with open translation project

In Helen, all you need is a laptop and a microphone.
Easily dubbed anytime, anywhere.
(*Mobile apps are coming soon)

Features and advantages of Helen

You can use subtitles synchronized to the video to dub without losing the context

We provide Open API to synchoronize with existing knowledge contents such as TED, YouTube and Coursera

Easily record by sentence, enabling dubbed to be fully synchronized to the video

Blinds can contribute to the world with their own voice and participate in the new knowledge-based industry

Helen introduce video

CSV(Creating Shared Value) and CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)

Helen is a meaningful campaign for all businesses, organizations, and individuals with social responsibility. It will be an active participation in global issues and an innovative approach to social value creation.
Helen will be a new model for promoting common interests in terms of active investment in global community growth, not just in terms of ROI.


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